In the Offing

by Overseer

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We're super excited about this album, "In The Offing," the culmination of a three-year journey together as a band.

Our good friend Josh Hale made a little documentary about our time as a band, writing and playing songs, and naming the album. For our biggest and most dedicated fans, you can go watch it here:


released June 18, 2013

Tom and Paul Demer (recording, mixing, mastering)
Calvary Baptist Church (for providing the sanctuary for practice; thanks Pastor Henry!)
NationWide Disc (printing)
Our friends and families (for all your loving support, thank you!)



all rights reserved


Overseer Shawnee, Oklahoma

Overseer is an up-and-coming alt-rock band from Oklahoma Baptist University with a unique sound many have compared with Switchfoot, Ruth, and Phil Wickham. Despite their varying majors and focuses of study, the guys have been blessed to lead worship at youth events, Disciple Nows, and chapel services on the OBU campus, as well as tour and perform across the Midwest. ... more

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Track Name: Broken Man
I am the prodigy of decadence
I am the thief with blood-red hands
I am a bull with morality
Breaking china with all of my friends

Part of me wants perfection
the other doesn't need blue tape
I believe I was born to have direction
but I've got scribbles on my pages

Somebody's in me singing, "Oh, break free of your cages!
I'm not just the Charon of the new age soul, I want more than your wages!"
So I'll pour my heart out, all that I can, through the cracks
Singing, "I am the broken man!"

Sometimes I open up the music box
To see what magic makes the tunes
The pins are shiny but the gears are not
Which item is of more use?

Adrift in the ocean, just a man about to drown
My answers to questions just don't give me any ground
I need to remember I was lost but now I'm found
I was noise, now I am sound
I am sound, I am sound, I am sound!
Track Name: Catastrophe
Fair-weather thoughts are heavier now, as actions grow unhindered
Mice and snakes live together, I’ve found, though it’s hard to tell the difference
I can’t explain what is the cause, confusion generates a pause
There is a monster in the closet of my heart

I am standing on the brink of a lie: that I think I can survive,
That I can be, that I can thrive; but I am still a catastrophe

Worms still seek the moisture, the heat waits for more repressing
But predators don’t want closure as long as weather keeps them guessing
I thought myself once young and wise; now still yet young, but with no eyes
It seems to live a wormless life I have to die

I’m running from the deepest part of me
But violence floods my every capillary, streaming to eternity, screaming for security
Track Name: Untitled
One boy wants to be an astronaut, the girl with the polka dots said,
“I think that’s neat, can I ride in your spaceship?” the little boy nodded his head
He said, “Of course you can, you look the part, and I can make suits for two”
And she, “I love you and if you’ll let me come, I’ll give all I am to you”

Boy and girl take off, and several years later have kids and a family
Neither have ever been in a spaceship, but the boy still wants to be
He says, “I can look and act the part, can someone tell me why not?”
And she, “I love you, but where’s your heart? Have you been given what you’ve got?”

And I can act the very same, but I just want to stop and say

You’re pretending that the sun needs an attorney
You’re playing like the mountains need an ad or two
You’ve been telling all the lakes where to take their water
When they’ve already been told what to do

The little boy finally gets what he’s sought, the suit and ship and all
The girl is left with what he’s got, but she doesn’t want him at all
She says, “Why don’t all of my dreams come true? I’ll leave and figure out”
She changes lives and solves world hunger, and runs from all her doubts

So live your life, don’t just breathe it in
‘Cause you’ll never survive if you only take what you give

Stop pretending you’re a hired mercenary
Stop playing like you’re God’s favorite employee
Your name isn’t even written down on His payroll
There’s only One name that can be
Track Name: When God Speaks
To be honest the straight and narrow’s been the road I’ve strive to follow and
The road on which I’ve found myself alone
God there, through Holy Spirit, is coupled with the rocks and grit of stress, distress, and weariness of heart

But then God speaks and heaven rumbles
The earth gives way like rolling thunder as the living Lord sends peace upon His child
And when the words come, through heart’s conviction, though I’m quite aware of my frail condition
I am brought into the sanctum of His love, and the friendship with my God

Oh, the new day comes with promises as that same sun says “hello” again
And I marvel at its strength to burn so strong
The revelation of reality of Earth sets in, and unfortunately
I’m discouraged by my failure to rise above

God came down as a humble man through Jesus Christ, His perfect son
The servant of the criminal and lame
Crucifixion day the Savior took the form of any other crook
He was beaten, battered, and where was God today?

Well, God was quiet and heaven trembled, Jesus’ eyes were tears and tremors
He knew He’d find no heavenly hope today
“Oh, eloi, eloi, where is Your touch? I know you love them so very much,
But my blood spills fast, my life is leaving me for their friendship with You, God”

He’s happy for all, He rejoices in His victory o’er the fall
But Christ would have no victory and death nothing due
If God didn’t see the last of His plan through

And so God spoke and heaven resounded,
Said, “Satan, man, get to the ground; oh, Christ my son, get up and breathe again!”
The stone heard the call and saw daybreak, smiled and laughed and rolled away
To show the world salvation through the One, the resurrected son
Track Name: End of Your Love
I am still finding self-imperfections, I am still struggling to find direction
But I keep bumping into Your hand; I guess location’s something I’ll never understand

Sometimes I don’t know what to say, I don’t know how you love me this way

I’m amazed that we could be together
You are God and I’m not worth the effort
Somehow You’ve still offered Your heart forever and ever
In which case I’ll never find the end of Your love

You came down for us, with no pressure
I was lost in self, without answer
My own plans stood grim to Yours compared
How did You see through to me standing there?

Maybe I shouldn’t find it so hard to believe that a God like You’d love a guy like me
With Your works awesome all I can do is fall under Your life-protecting gaze
With naught but this to raise
Track Name: North or South
We wake up, we take off, we don’t remember much at all about the words we said last night
We gather info like a thermos, but when the coffee’s gone I’m not full, it just was passing me along

If I could sit here I likely would
If I could rest, you know I’d love to take the chance
But oh, this middle ground is a mess
So if I’m to move at all, I better head north or south

I feel a calling, something higher, I feel there’s something more to this than some kind of balancing act
So test the tower, see them scatter in confusion, and I’m beginning to think we built on similar sand

I’m no prophet, I’m no teacher, I’m just barely some kind of college kid, but with a simple word to heart
There’s something lukewarm in our water and the disease that it infests needs to be shocked to be killed off
Track Name: Shasta!
Shasta! Shasta!

I see your darkness in the sandstorm, I see your toiling by the sea, I feel you moving in the womb; kid, are you lost?
Your body doesn’t fit the landscape, you’re not owned by a Calormene
I’ve got a similar sensation; can we fly? can we fly? can we fly?

I’m being called out by a lion
He’s got a ripping hold on me
I won’t survive the transformation; are you safe?
The desert’s moving like a river, the black is eating out the sun
This horse’s body is your blanket; are you cold? are you cold? are you cold?

Do you want to ride north? Do you want to go home?
You can spend it, you can waste it, but you won’t find it if you don’t believe
So I will bear you if I can take you, but you must promise me one thing:

Don’t stop kicking in the womb, kid; you’re not lost
Track Name: Timothy
Will somebody please light a match in my head so that all my loose ends can be lanterns instead?
I tried to make sense of the knots, but my ends are afraid
Does anyone know how to charter a course, who can look down at Earth and then lead all the lords?
I’m so prone to get lost over and over again, I’m caught in my own sin

Lead me all the way, catch me should I fall to my own calamity
Push me on to where you’ve already gone
You can help me be more than just Timothy

Does anyone see that eventual light at the end of the tunnel and after the night?
Just signs on a road is my life if I’m only alone, I’m a mess on my own

Can you lead me? Can you teach me? Can you guide me home?
I guess what I’m trying to ask in this song is could you walk beside me and help me along?
Track Name: Hope
Too much space, too much space
As if the distance in between is my shame
Too many rocks, no sling
Where is the giant? Where is the sting?

I’m drowning in love I cannot see, I feel like a refugee

Where is the voice that calmed the storm?
In every darkness I was reborn
I’m looking for light in these grey skies
I need the third day’s hope for the first day’s life

Waiting’s not my friend, it’s not my forte
I just feel like caulking every gap that marks my face
And I can’t see the end, but I care not for shelter
I just want to reach my destination in the rain
Track Name: Turn My Eyes
Oh my soul, I am weary and troubled
There’s no light in this world around me
My heart aches for love that’s never failing
My soul longs for a life that’s free

So I’ll turn my eyes to you
And I’ll fix my heart on Your ways
‘Cause you lay down all that You are in glory
So I’ll surrender to the light of Your grace

Death You sought, though You are everlasting
Blood You shed, though You are God
And I’m just me, confused and wild and dirty
My body was meant for Your cross

All my self, all my heart
Just take my life, rip me apart
You’re all my hope and all my sight
I must die ‘cause I’m not right
I know Your place, I need Your eyes
I want to know Your heart, want to feel Your cries
But if I have these not, You still gave Your life
You saved my soul, so take my life
Track Name: Northmeadow
Five minutes ‘til I lose my self
Just a moment, then I’m gone
In what ten years did I live so long?
To what ten years did I move on?

How many times did I think to myself about these years to come?
How many times will I pray for some help for stepping out on my own, to go reclaim my home?

Three Persons I still have for me
Who guide my weary, tired feet
Do they remember who I used to be?
Or am I my own biography?

One moment holds my symphony
Every note’s a moment long
In one moment, I was bound and freed
So in this moment I’ll be strong
In this moment I’ll be strong
Track Name: Valinor
Battlements of stone and rock and all I cannot stand
Disgusted by accomplishments and works of my own hands
Bleeding lines upon the earth, I question who I am
Is this the end? Is this the end?

Do all ships bear misfortune?
Is there a Valinor to be found?
What does the value of my soul portend?
Am I hearing a foreign sound, or is that the beating of my heart?

It’s not the end, it’s not the end